Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best. Comic Book. Ever.

No, really. There aren't any better comic books than this.Hmm... I suspected that most people in the comic-book business were lefties...

As much as I am an occasional comic-book geek, I never actually saw this one on the shelves last year - I suspect that I would have picked it up if I did, just to see how they ended the fight. Hopefully, the President uses better form in the actual throw-down; as it is, the Screeching Enchantress (I wonder who that could be...) is about to shish-kebab him. And of course, the rest of the opposition puts in an appearance. Red Sarah, anyone?

Tip of the hat to Digg, for turning me on to this and some other illustrated portrayals of the President that give whole new meaning to "just plain wrong."

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