Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Content! Mine!

So I decided, once again, to click on the Next Blog>> link, to see what kind of company Nobody in Particular is keeping these days. It's quickly becoming something of a guilty pleasure of mine, randomly wandering through the pages that Google, in its rather unfathomable wisdom, decides that I, and perhaps you, should want to read, given what I've written here.

This time out, it was a short trip. The first blog that I came across was about advertising law: Rebecca Tushnet's 43(B)log False advertising and more. It's another one of those things that makes perfect sense (After all, there's at least one weblog for everything under the sun, right?), but wouldn't have occurred to me. From there, I found myself at Caravan Hound, a dog weblog. Once again, file under Learn Something New Every Day, since I'd never encountered the Caravan Hound breed before. But I figured that things had changed in the neighborhood - I wasn't wandering through random political weblogs, sprinkled throughout the English-speaking world. But I'm not really an animal person, so I clicked the "Next Blog" link again, to see where it would land me. And I found myself at Wiping the Crazy Off My Face which is, I gather, basically an online diary. My journey ended here, because Wiping the Crazy Off My Face doesn't display the "Next Blog" link.

But I was kind of surprised - three blogs, and little, if any connection to one another. Until I noticed the little graphic at the end of each WtCOMF post that read: "Those who STEAL my work shall suffer my PUBLIC WRATH." I stepped back, and found that repeated over and over on Caravan Hound was the warning: "All images here come under COPYRIGHT laws. Do not copy." And the most recent post on Rebecca Tushnet's 43(B)log? Yep. It dealt with Copyright.

Which has me wondering if Nobody in Particular has been suing people behind my back.

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