Sunday, May 16, 2010

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I wonder of Blogger has done a little housecleaning. Every so often, I click on the "Next Blog" link up on the top of the page, and see who else is out there. Normally, this is an exercise is island hopping through people's random online diaries, punctuated by redirect attempts to malware sites and random "blogs" that are thinly veiled advertisements. It was, to be quite honest, really disappointing.

But this morning was a different experience - not a single bogus blog in a number of jumps. But there was something else strange - almost every blog I visited was about politics...

The Arc of North Carolina Policy Blog
Welcome to The Arc of North Carolina. Working with and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 50 years.

Sessions Watch
Keeping track of the voting record and rantings of right-wing extremist Congressman Pete Sessions (TX-32)

General topics of life, people, politics, religion, family, travel, photography, and even sports!


Heavy-Handed Politics

Marc's FTRW Blog
This is my political blog. It is my purpose to attack the foibles of the Right Wing and promote the moderate agenda.

Private Beach
Trying to make sense of a weird world - and maybe make it a little better

Investigating Obama
Examining the underreported ideology, alliances, and allegiances of a "Commander in Chief" who is at war with America
When we showed he was a neo-Marxist before the election, it was not a hoax
A revolutionary agent saboteur (and an unconstitutionally certified "president") destroying our free America of Sovereign Citizens, to transform it into a globally controlled society?
"You decide"

Mitt Rocks!
A Mitt Romney for President Blog

Rabid Sanity
That which does not kill me only delays the inevitable.

Die Welt ist Klein

B.D.'s world

View from Minas Morgul
My blog in English about politics, sports, art, history and basically anything that comes to mind.

Red Right and True
Learn How Politics Affect YOU!

Thinking Out Loud

Middletown Mike
I believe it is possible to have "Truth, Justice and the American Way" all at once here in Middletown, the Bayshore and the great state of New Jersey.

Guelph First .com

The Independent Voice of the UK Independence Party

Christian Philosopher Activist

mr eugenides
trying to hold back the rage...

SheepDog Barking
Hunt the Wolf and the Jackal
After SheepDog Barking, the list began to double back on itself, so that seemed as good a time as any to stop and take stock of my virtual travels. It seemed to be mix of left and right wing, although the Right seemed to be better represented than the Left. There were a few weblogs that didn't have an obvious political bent - those are the ones listed in italics. Almost all were from the United States - there were a smattering of UK blogs (Private Beach is a UK expat in Hong Kong), and one from Serbia. All were in English - gone were the Asian and other international blogs that I used to regularly encounter.

Given that I doubt that the Blogger section of the greater worldwide Blogosphere is populated nearly exclusively by English-language political blogs, I suspect that Google has taken to grouping blogs by general subject matter, and the "Next Blog" button now takes you to the next stop on the Webring (remember those), as it were. Which makes perfect sense - if you're reading one sort of weblog, it's not terribly unlikely that you might appreciate other weblogs like it.

I'm amused by the company that I find Nobody in Particular keeping. Perhaps I'll visit the neighborhood again later and see what's up on the block. On the other hand, maybe I'll try a different focus for a while, and see if the virtual neighborhood changes. It will take a while to eclipse "Politics" and "Society" as the dominant labels, but it will be interesting to see what evolves.

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Keifus said...

"Next blog" appears to be a good chunk of my readership, whenever I look, there are like five of them. I read that blogger selects it based on some algorithm to assess what it thinks your blog is about.

In my case, there are a lot of other eponymous blogs that like to talk about their precious reading habits. Clearly, I should have renamed the thing years ago!