Monday, January 12, 2009

'Cuz White Folks Is Stupid

Dave Chappelle, as funny as he is, did a disservice to the idea of reparations with his skit on them, which many average white people are likely to reference if the issue is brought up.
Paul Devlin "Reparations as Bailout"
If the most cogent argument that "many average white people" can muster against reparations is a skit on "The Chappelle Show," the reparations gravy train should be pulling into the station any minute now. There have been plenty of arguments for and against the idea of reparations for slavery, some sound, some less so and some simply moronic. But the idea that a black satirist's mocking take on what the money will be spent on forms any significant part of the opposition to the idea seems wildly uninformed. I would expect more white Americans to simply argue, from their own personal (if self-serving) feelings on the matter, that black America has not, in fact, earned the money that would be given to them than to cite Comedy Central.

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