Sunday, October 4, 2015


One thing that I have noticed when I talk politics with people is that while they will talk between each other about differing political philosophies, they dislike talking to others about them. So my conservative acquaintances will explain at length to one another about how liberalism works and what it intends, but will not ask any liberals, and are typically hostile to being told that their echo-chambered understanding are incorrect. And, on the other side of the equation, my liberal acquaintances do the same.At best, each group will point to specific examples of the other that they believe typify the worst traits of the other group, and hold them up as the representative as everyone who holds to a particular doctrine.

Of course, this trait isn't limited to just the people that I talk politics with. Rather, it's become a common habit across the political spectrum, especially for those people who have mass media platforms. Thus the various parties become caricatures of themselves to people outside of them, which inhibits conversation and understanding. The results are predictable.

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