Monday, June 22, 2015


There is a part of campaigning that I must confess to not understand, and it's that part where black-and-white questions are used to foster some sort of sense of group belonging. I think. I honestly have no idea. It seems that if you're polling Democrats that:
  1. Most of them will agree with the idea that the flag should come down.
  2. Republican candidates for President won't really care what they think.
So while there may be other reasons for pushing polls like this, it seems that the primary idea is to remind people that they're Democrats. In case they forget, or something.

What strikes me as odd about these things is that they wouldn't have struck me as the best way to drive political engagement. But I doubt that they're simply random - one would think that these messages have been carefully calibrated to get people involved. Being, however, outside of the target demographic, they don't really do anything for me.

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