Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Seeing Pink

In Seo Woo and her Pink Things, photographer JeongMee Yoon set out to illustrate how she "felt her daughter's life was being overtaken by pink."

I think the poor child is suffering from Post Traumatic Pink Syndrome.
When I was reading the NPR story about how pink has come to dominate the color choices of many young girls, it occurred to me that I has seen two recent pictures from movies about high-school girls. And I remembered that they had two very different levels of pink in them.
Mean Girls (2004) All four of these girls are wearing pink shirts.
In the decade and a half that separates Heathers from Mean Girls, fashion has changed considerably. Gone are the big hair, and jackets with shoulder pads. But the trendy girls are also wearing a lot more pink.
Heathers (1988) 80s fashion sense aside, there is almost no pink in any of the girls' clothes.
Of course, this isn't to say that no girls wore pink in the 1980s or that they all wore it in the 2000s, but the change here, from a pop-culture standpoint, is rather striking.

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