Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Only Count Four

"Here's what I'll tell you. I'm tired of the U.S. getting involved in every country's individual disputes. As sad as what happened is, I do not intend to support the resolution. The reason I'm hesitant there is I would ask you to give me a little bit if leeway in that if we have intelligence that shows those chemical weapons being transferred to Hamas where they could potentially be used against Israel, then I would be in favor of destroying those weapons."
Representative Austin Scott (R-Georgia)
"Rep. Scott: Tired Of U.S. Getting Involved World's Disputes"
States that begin with the letter "I."

I do not see Israel on this list. Were they admitted to the Union when I wasn't looking? If not, why are Israel's problems something that the United States' has to do something about when no-one else's are? Israel has an army, an air force and a navy. If they're concerned that the Syrians might allow chemical weapons to wind up in the hands of someone hostile to them, and the United States can't be bothered with "every country's individual disputes," let them deal with it.

I understand that Israel is, for the United States, the exception to the saying that nations do not have allies, they have interests. The United States has taken broad responsibility for protecting Israel from everything from outside threats to breaking international laws, seemingly in return for nothing other than hastening the Christian End Times. Yet we keep trying to jump start a peace process as if we were an impartial third party. Maybe if we stayed out of that "individual dispute" and allowed/forced the parties to work it out for themselves, the process might actually get somewhere, and our desire to wash our hands of the problems of other nations would seem less hollow.

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