Thursday, October 11, 2012


And I care about this, why, again?
"Don't Redefine Marriage," huh?

I only have one question.

Why, precisely, do I care? I mean, seriously, if the State of Washington allows same-sex couples to have all of the same rights, responsibilities, privileges and obligations as married opposite sex couples, how will that make a difference in my life? Or my sister's life? Or my neighbor's life? Or my office-mate's life?

I've always been amused by people who tell me that I have a dog in this fight, but then can't seem to see their way clear to telling me which one it is. On the other hand, I do know plenty of same-sex couples, whom, outside of the fact that they're sometimes willing to hang around with me, come off as fairly normal, well-adjusted people who are loving and stable relationships. I don't understand what I have at stake that I'm supposed to look them in the eye and say that they're not entitled to something they might want. Even if I were to approach it from an angle of morality, I don't see what the hoopla is all about. Okay, so someone else is doing something immoral - what else is new? American religiosity long ago developed a habit of ignoring any strictures that it found inconvenient. There are all sorts of immoral acts that are perfectly legal. Like sex outside of marriage.

Anyway, not really wanting any marriage for myself, I see no reason why other people shouldn't have it instead. Preserving someone's idea of a "definition" surely doesn't cut it.

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