Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Of Partisans and Predators

The message here is clear. Joe Paterno, once beloved football coach is having his name posthumously dragged through the mud for simply knowing about a sexual predator, while Democratic partisans honor former President Bill Clinton, who was(?) a sexual predator.

But it's difficult to credit that as anything than the pot calling the kettle black. Or perhaps in this case, the pot calling the teacups black. It's difficult to reconcile, as this cartoon attempts to do, the image of President Clinton as being sexually predatory, while at the same time, portraying a supposed "victim" as willing, if not an out-and-out slut. And unlike Jerry Sandusky, President Clinton was never convicted of a sex crime. It's an important distinction, that McCoy completely glosses over in an attempt to portray Democrats as hypocrites who will overlook sexual impropriety in one of their own, while holding others to an unfairly high standard.

Being a serial philanderer does not rise to the level of turning a blind eye to ongoing criminal activity. It shouldn't be treated as such, simply in an attempt to score political points.

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