Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NOW He's Mad?

Unlike a lot of people, I guess I don't have a problem with the contention that allowing same-sex marriage to be common could get us on the Judeo/Christian/Moslem God's bad side. After all, I have four years of Roman Catholic theology classes under my belt, and so I understand the Biblical prohibition against homosexual (male, specifically) sexuality.

What I have immense difficulty understanding is how we're not ALREADY on God's bad side. The very creation of the nation that is the modern United States required murder and theft on a colossal scale. Settlers used everything from blatantly walking away from treaty obligations to crude forms of biological warfare to remove the native people from their lands. In the modern day, murder is endemic, and by the time one makes it to adulthood, the chances that at least one female relation, schoolmate or coworker  will have been sexually assaulted are virtually 100%. (Come to think of it, I wasn't even a teenager when I first heard of a classmate being raped.) We're winding down two wars in foreign nations that have resulted in perhaps hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, capping more than a half-century of wars in which the United States seems to have had little thought for the lives of foreign civilians. On the other hand, we carefully turn a blind eye to atrocities committed in nations that agree to be our proxies in conflicts, are economically useful to us or have the wherewithal to make an open conflict with them painful. Are we really to understand that God is okay with that? If a deity is judging us on our collective performance as a nation, would we really otherwise make the grade?

My point isn't to make the United States out to be a den of iniquity and vice. After all, I don't have to - there are plenty of ministers, preachers and evangelists who are more than happy to do so themselves, and they're much better at it than I. (So why not leave it to the professionals?) But the idea that not having a S.W.A.T. team kick in Adam and Steve's bedroom door and drag them away is THE thing that we've done that will bring down the wrath of the divine upon our heads? I can't believe that our Catalog of Sins is anywhere near that thin. And so I wonder where the calls are to clean up the rest of our act.

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