Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Country

Over on the Marketplace web site, they have a video made from a woman's angry voicemail to a theater. She was upset after being thrown out for texting during the movie, in violation of the theater's posted rules. The theater then used her voicemail in the audio track for their new no texting warning.

One of the mantras the woman fell back on was "it's a free country." Didn't they retire that when we went to Junior High School? It was annoying enough to hear "it's a free country" when we were eight. Uttering it as an adult whenever confronted with a restriction that one doesn't like should be punishable for a public flogging. (I'll volunteer, to save taxpayer dollars. No need to hire a flogger. On second thought, who am I to deny someone gainful employment during bad economic times?)

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