Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, it seems that it's time for Blogger (Google, that is) to upgrade their "word verification" system for comments. While they tout it as cutting down on automated comment spam, it didn't take very long for "竹青" to get right through it to post a comment chock full of links to what I'd guess are random offshore pornography sites. (Maybe "损坏" would be a better name...) I'm betting that the overly simple captchas that Google uses are simply not up to the task of keeping out an automated script that reads and then enters the text, despite the claim that: "it takes a human being to read the word and pass this step." (See: Free.)

Anyway, such is the way of things. Spam is a headache, but it's not the end of the world. I find it interesting that the Windows Live Spaces version of this site hasn't collected any spam, despite my having left it alone since April. I suspect that Google should take that as a de facto endorsement of Blogger - the spammers seem to have come to the conclusion that WLS simply isn't worth trolling for suckers. Hmm... not a very ringing endorsement that, is it?

P.S.: According to Google translate, 竹青 means "incorruptible" (although that's not the Chinese text it gives me when I feed it incorruptible, and ask for a translation). Google translate also tells me that 损坏 means "corrupted." But Google translate is, sadly, not a particularly reliable translator.


吳婷婷 said...
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Keifus said...

Is that first comment a moment of irony? I might have left it.

I think those posts are made by bots for the purposes of creating links (to be traveled by other, more benign bots) to whatever piece of crap content they're scamming people with. Had a discussion a couple months ago about this--regrettably, the handful of shared sites on our list of links seem to have gotten on the trolls' path.