Friday, August 1, 2008

Cat Bomber

Maybe I spoke too soon...

In Mark Tatulli's comic strip Liō, the title character owns a rather dangerous cat named Cybil. Dangerous because she (I think it's a she), has a short temper and remarkable skill with a shotgun, among other things. In various strips, Liō has needed to intervene to prevent Cybil from taking down a neighbor's dog with a high-powered rifle, and from using a rocket-propelled grenade launcher on a pair of neighborhood children that dared to laugh at the "Beware of the Cat" sign.

In today's strip, Cybil makes it clear that she wants to be fed - by standing on Liō in a suicide vest, one paw holding the deadman's switch. I'm curious if any letters to the editor, expressing outrage, are printed. I'm sure at least some will be written. But with any luck, people will let it pass.

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