Monday, July 21, 2008

Photography for the Masses

The great thing about digital photography is that it's accessible to everyone with enough money to buy a small camera. Granted, a half-decent digital camera is going to set you back more than a half-decent film camera, but you don't have the recurring costs of film and processing to worry about. It's also virtually free to experiment, and learn how to use your equipment. (When you've got to have film developed, sucking is a time consuming and expensive process.)

So guys can take glamor shots of their girlfriends down by the shores of Puget Sound on a bright sunshiny day. And I get to people-watch. Everybody wins.
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Catnapping said...

i love that i have a digital camera. you're right. no film. any mistakes...deleted. as one of the masses, i can say for myself, it's a wonderful thing.

i used to collect little treasures i found on the odometers, dozens of washers, nuts, bolts, bedsprings, etc. saved 'em in a little wooden box...but now, i just take a quick pick: