Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

If you haven't figured out yet that the practice of pushing people that scare us out into the cold is one of my pet peeves, you haven't been paying attention.

These photos were taken one day when I went out for a drive, and found the location where one David Torrence had been sent to live with a rain poncho and a sleeping bag.
A state trooper came by while I was shooting, and I asked him if he'd heard anything about it. It had been his beat for some time, but no-one had ever told him that the state was thinking of using the bridge as its newest sex offender housing unit. He hadn't even seen the new stories.
Summer is starting now, which means that it will be dry for the next couple of months, until the rainy season picks up again this fall. None of this matters to Torrence now, who gave himself up after having gone to Arkansas, presumably to try and find a family member to take him in. But we'll see if any new tenants are moved in...
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