Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slow News Day

Why does THIS guy have his picture in the newspapers? Okay, so his sister’s a high-priced call girl who lead to the downfall of Eliot Spitzer. How does that make HIM relevant to this story? If he was “Kristen’s” pimp or something, I could see it, or if he’d appointed himself his sister’s spokesperson. But he’s just her brother. Unless she was “out” as a call girl to her entire family and given them all the gory details, or secretly filming her trysts for Christmastime home movies, I don’t see what this random Joe could add to our knowledge of what was going on. Even if the goal simply to get some insight into the mind of a call girl, I still can’t see what this guy could tell us that a researcher can’t. Normally, I get a little irritated when people harp on news organizations about covering fluff, rather than the latest child to die from some dread disease in Africa. There’s more to the news than the latest catastrophe (or scandal, for that matter). But this does seem like it’s really reaching. Is this girl really so much of a celebrity that her family should now be front-page news?

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