Thursday, October 11, 2007


I tried watching the network news this evening. When I'm home on time, I try to catch it, because it's a relatively easy way to be a little informed about what's going on the world. Today, I lasted about 30 seconds. The opening story is about the removal of infant cold remedies from the market. Sure enough, they stuck a microphone in some lady's face, and she dutifully intoned a litany of fear for her children's lives and uncertainty over what medications, if any were safe.

You know, there should just be a giant amusement park fully of randomly scary stuff. Like Bruce Schneier's "Four Horsemen of the Information Apocalypse," along with unsafe products and shady lawyers. That way when people want to be scared, they can just go there, so the rest of us can watch the news to be informed.

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ben said...

Network news has become so inane and irrelevant I can't even watch it anymore. Even CNN (the best of the horrific cable news networks) is 90% "school shooting 24/7" crap. I wish the BBC had (or I got, I'm sure it exists) a 24/7 news channel.

It's scary that, when you want real news (not shock & awe) you can't find it anywhere on TV and, even going to the major media news sites is appalling. It's really disappointing that you have to rely on blogs these days to find out what is really happening. I mean - major world news doesn't even make the CNN website anymore.

"Who controls the media, controls the culture"... double scary.