Saturday, August 25, 2007

Laugh. Out. Loud.

My friend Ben has posted a link to a YouTube video for Atheist proselytization. Way too funny.

The angry reactions of some of the people to their door-to-door work brings up an interesting question. How many people dislike missionaries coming to their homes, but support their own churches doing missionary work? Something else that tends to fall under the "right makes right" rule. (I'm right, and therefore things that I do to advance my cause are also right.)

Like Ben, I don't have a problem with Mormons either - of those that I know, I only want to take a rake to one of them - but I do find that street missionaries tend to be annoyingly condescending and (unsurprisingly) holier-than-thou.


Catnapping said...

have you seen this one?

Aaron said...

No, I hadn't. That was pretty strange. And people give Scientologists grief...