Friday, December 22, 2006

Nobody In Particular, Blogspot style...

No longer content with being behind the times, I've decided that it might be worthwhile to try my hand a weblogging. We'll see if it manages to make me into a rightful resident of the 21st century, or simply marks me as another wannabe n00b. The goal is to update the blog no less than once a week, and to avoid talking about myself - afterall, I'm not a particularly interesting person. But interesting things happen around me, and in the United States, and I hope to make this into a somewhat interesting place to read about them. I'm also conducting somewhat of an experiment. I also have a webspace on Windows Live, and we'll see if one of them is more to my liking than the other. Most of my web-savvy friends are betting heavily on Blogspot, but we'll have to see.

Now all I have to do is get a cellular telephone and an iPod, and I can claim to be hip and with it.

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