Thursday, September 3, 2020

Or I'll Shout "Stop!" Again

"Trump silent as world leaders call for answers from Putin on Navalny poisoning"

But who expects President Putin to actually give anyone answers? Or for Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Johnson or anyone else to take effective action to force the matter? What real impact are sanctions going to have?

I understand the idea that President Trump is too cozy with President Putin, and that the latter feels emboldened to commit bad acts, like poisoning opposition leaders, because of it. But what actions is the international community really expected to take to force the Russian Federation to "behave itself?" After all, North Korea has been operating under "crippling sanctions" for decades now. It's no closer to changing how it operates than it was at the outset.

Calls for nations, or individual politicians, to take what seem like effective actions come across as little more than virtue signalling. And there's a reason why virtue signalling is looked down on.

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