Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sign Language

So I've been seeing these anonymous signs popping up around the local area. I've live in the suburbs of Seattle, where the Republican party is sort of out in the wilderness. And that fact lends these signs a certain air of desperation. What makes the signs interesting are the clear double meanings. US being "us" and "U.S." and "right" being Republican, or politically Right, but also meaning "correctly."

The signs have all of the hallmarks of being amateur, beyond just the lack of attribution. There is quite a bit of white space, that should be used to make the text larger; the signs are difficult to read at typical roadway speeds, and the underlining of the "R" is nearly invisible from a moving vehicle. I'm curious as to who placed the signs, whether it's a lone Republican voter looking to push back against the relentless Democratic-ness of the near-Seattle suburbs or a group looking to soften the image of the party. Either way, such participation is useful in representative government. We'll see if it inspires anyone else to follow suit.

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