Monday, July 27, 2020

Style and Substance

The thing that stood out for me about the one Black person among the anti-racism protestors was that he'd created a sign that could be easily read from a distance. The thick, outlined, lettering actually had enough heft to it that it wasn't swallowed by the background. And this allowed it to be legible from a decent distance away.

I see this sort of thing a lot when people create signs and hold them up on street corners. They're concerned with projecting their message, but don't know how to ensure that it can be understood. But no matter how strong the signal, if it can't be received it may as well have never been sent.

Given that it's election season here in Washington, there are campaign signs everywhere, and they offer an interesting contrast. While some of the candidates' signs are amateur productions, and lack polish, for many of them, you can see everything on them that the candidates, and their campaigns, wish you to see.

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