Monday, September 9, 2019

I Rage, Therefore I Am

The thing about having about a million news and commentary sites on the Internet is that they can become fairly niche. And once they've connected with their chosen audiences, there can be a habit of directly catering to that audience, and thus they can become fairly one-note. In light of this, every so often, I try to branch out my reading habits to sites and people that I don't normally look at and/or have lost track of. This is in part because the same messages over and over become old after a while and in part because I understand that there are more voices in the world than the ones I normally read.

Generally speaking, I tend to read Center-Left, even though they tends to be to my left, politically. I do this mainly because I tend to find the tone of such sources to be agreeable, even if I find the actual messages to be annoying. Being unfamiliar with the general landscape of Center-Right media, I tend to have difficulty with finding sources in that area that I can read for any length of time.

Mainly because I don't really care about What Makes People Angry or What People Do Not Like in general. (I routinely find myself removing "Everything Wrong With..." videos on YouTube for this same reason.) And if there's one thing that I've noticed about the Conservative media that I've come across it's that is seems to be primarily concerned with what it doesn't like. (Of course, there is a lot of Liberal media that does the same. I don't read them, either.) Which is fine, for what it is. After all, a lot of these people are attempting to connect with an audience that fears that some of what their ancestors have done unto others is soon to be done unto them, and they're somewhere between unhappy and enraged about that fact. And reflecting a person's worldview and emotional outlook back to them is a good way to connect with them. As evidenced by its continued success in getting people into the White House.

I'm sure that there are Right-leaning news and commentary sites out there that don't traffic in anger over capitalism becoming "woke," fears of élite conspiracies to enact "socialism" or simple bitterness over social change. I'm just terrible at finding them, mainly because I don't have enough conservatives in my social circles to point me at them and I'm not invested enough to do the work of separating the wheat from the chaff. Which means that anything I find will come down to luck. Not impossible, but it will take a little longer.

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