Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Chase

Reporter: Sarah, have you asked the president if he ever used the N word?

Sanders: The president addressed that question directly via Twitter. I’d refer you back to him. And I can certainly say I’ve never heard him use that term or anything similar.
The White House's Striking Equivocation on a Trump N-Word Tape
Personally, I find myself wondering why it even matters if President Trump referred to Black people as "niggers" since he became President. It won't change anything. Those people who adore the President will still adore him. After all, it's not as if he shot anyone of Fifth Avenue or anything. And they're unlikely to see the press pursuing the story as anything other than a cynical attempt to poison the minds of Black people against the President (whether or not they have any respect for Black people themselves). Likewise, those people who already dislike the President have enough reasons that it's unlikely that simply adding the proof of President Trumps "suspected" racism will do anything.

The constant chasing after some long-lost sense of decorum has become pointless. Surely there are other, more interesting stories to pursue.

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