Tuesday, December 19, 2017


One of the projects that my father had on his plate when he died was a foolproof system to prevent hacking of online transactions and financial data. Now, while my father had been a systems analyst going way back to Assembly language, he wasn't a computer security researcher. And this lead to some speculation that the lawyers he was paying to help him prepare his patent of the holy grail of online finance were fleecing him. And while I'm sure my father had thrown that money away, I'm less sure that he was being intentionally conned. After all, the lawyers by father was working with likely knew a lot less about computers than my father did. They were lawyers, after all, and my father was the computer expert with the impressive résumé. It's highly unlikely that they could have found the flaws in my father's plans for this. I'd been working in technology for more than a decade and a half when my father explained it to me, and my objections were based more on the understanding that my father claimed to have single-handedly solved a problem that thousands, if not millions, of people the world over had yet to crack, than being able to tell him specifically where the scheme fell down.

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