Monday, August 1, 2016


The Seattle City Council has voted to ban "conversion therapy" for youth in the city, making it punishable with fines. There are a number of people who would be happy to see the practice go away entirely, and that realization triggered a thought.

It's possible to be transgender, or even genderfluid, but there are other parts of identity that we don't allow are changeable. The idea sexuality can be changed is hotly disputed, and the idea that race is something that we should be able to chose for ourselves is considered laughable, despite the understanding that race is a social construct, rather than a biological or physiological one. But how long will that be true?

Will we see a day when identity is strictly what a person makes of it? Where being gay or being Latin are considered independent of the circumstances of one's birth in the same way gender is becoming. I suspect that it will happen, although I'm not betting I live to see it. Still, I wonder what it will look like.

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