Tuesday, May 10, 2016


It’s a stereotype of the Republican party that they are intensely focused on “personal responsibility.” Which tends to be accurate, until identity politics enters the picture; at which point the stereotype changes, and Republicans feel that all members of any aggrieved group become their brother’s keepers, and the problem becomes one of group behavior. Such is the case with this Michael Ramirez cartoon from a while back, which makes the case (accurately) that a young Black man is more likely to be shot by another young Black man than they are by a White police officer. But this is true of any group. White criminals are much more dangerous to the White community than Black police officers are. But, since White Americans lack a reputation for criminality (at least in the eyes of conservative commentators and cartoonists), and there hasn't been a spate of shootings at the hands of Black police officers, there is no pressure on them to reform their entire community as a means of pushing back against complaints about police misconduct or simply overzealousness.

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