Monday, September 1, 2014


So I went out for a drive today and was coming back through downtown Woodinville. Where I noticed that the parking lots were packed. The grocery store, the movie theater, Barnes and Noble - there were more people there than I typically see on a weekend.

Labor Day is, in my experience, wildly misnamed. It should be something more akin to "People with Disposable Income Day." As non-working days in the United States are increasingly thought of mainly as shopping days, people who work in retail are required to work them. Of course, there's never been any such thing as a truly universal day off from work - fires still need to be put out, electricity still needs to flow and children who have been removed from their homes still need to be looked after. But the shift of retail into the ranks of "essential" workers seems to undermine the point of labor day in the first place.

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John McGuinness said...

My garbage was collected today as scheduled.