Monday, August 12, 2013


A  Native American Republican and an apolitical African American walk into a comic book shop.

Three hand a half hours later, they have yet to hit a punchline, but have relished a wide-ranging, civil and intellectually stimulating discussion.

I always find it interesting to talk with people of other minority groups about things, especially when those people are doing well enough for themselves that they have no need to play Misery Poker. Even when it's easy to remember that the America you can't see might no bear much of a resemblance to the America you can, the understanding that it's different doesn't actually tell you what it looks like, so having someone who has experienced it firsthand tell you about it is always welcome.

It was also illuminating to have a discussion with someone who adopts a political stance without having come to the conclusion that it is self-evidently correct, because it allows for an exploration of reasoning and cost-benefit analyses that is often missing in political discourse.

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