Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bad Education

According to the Indian textbook " New Healthway: Health, Hygiene, Physiology, Safety, Sex Education, Games and Exercises:"

  • Non-vegetarians, "easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes."
  • "It is the waste products which largely produce the flavour of meat."
  • "[The Japanese] are vegetarians and live longer than most other peoples. The generous use of green leafy vegetables, soya beans and grams has helped the people to maintain vigour, strength and endurance throughout the centuries."
  • "The Arabs who helped in constructing the Suez Canal lived on wheat and dates and were superior to the beef-fed Englishmen engaged in the same work."
  • "[T]he Creator of this Universe did not include meat in the original diet for Adam and Eve. He gave them fruits, nuts and vegetables."
  • "To get married without a bad name is a dream of every young girl."
  • The Inuit are "lazy, sluggish and short-lived", because they live on "a diet largely of meat."
Because even students in the Third World should have access to ideological, inaccurate textbooks.

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