Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Of the People...

Democracies often serve their people poorly, because they are rarely any more far-sighted and thoughtful than the people themselves. And representative government is no better than any other public institution when it comes to ignoring the prejudices and biases of the bulk of its citizenry - it is perhaps far worse, because it is by parroting back those prejudices and biases, along with the hopes, fears, dreams and desires of the populace that one is elected into office. Even the crusader who finds the current system stupid and intolerable has no choice but to publicly pantomime support of it to have any hope of election, as long as it is the one the people wish to see enacted.

In the end, almost everyone's perfect government is a dictatorship in one way or another, because everyone understands that the limits they would seek to impose upon others are just and necessary (Even anarchists would bar the people from creating too extensive a government for themselves, regardless of their wishes.), as people just cannot be trusted to understand what is best for them. And what better proof of this is there than the fact that they choose to live under a government that is so wrong-headed and when given the choice, avoid electing the people who would make much-needed reforms?

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