Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where Our Heads Are

On The Slatest, self-described as "The Most Important News and Commentary to Read Right Now," the top headline for the weekend has been the death of Amy Winehouse. Below that are stories about the Debt Ceiling "negotiations" and the Oslo attacks.

Because the MOST important thing you need to read is that yet another celebrity has self-destructed.
But before we have another round of hand-wringing over how the media is foisting crap off on us, to better distract us from what is really important, it's worth pointing out that as I type this, the Winehouse story has more "Likes," Tweets and Comments than the other two stories combined.

Maybe we should simply accept the fact that media panders to our collective (if not generally individual) tastes, and quit harping on them about it. Then perhaps they wouldn't feel the need to always claim that they don't pander.

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