Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Like Everyone Else

At the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference, Representative Ron Paul comes out against American Exceptionalism.

When he cited Reagan to support his argument that U.S. foreign policy should be based on the simple rule that we wouldn't do anything to another country we wouldn't want done to us, it was almost too much for them [the establishment Republicans].
John Dickerson. "Crazy Popular, or Just Crazy?"
I'm getting a kick out of the irony of a political party that has so wedded itself to Christianity being put out by the invocation of the Golden Rule as a foreign policy imperative.

I suspect that Representative Paul's failure to uphold the idea that the rules that apply to other nations don't apply to us (whether this should be considered "exceptionalism" and/or "hypocrisy" is left as an exercise for the reader) pretty much means that he has no chance at the Republican nomination. Which is kind of too bad. I'm curious to see how he would have done in a general election against the President.

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