Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian

As everyone waits to see how the current situation in Egypt will play itself out, I find myself wondering what will happen if the Mubarak regime is toppled. There is a chance, how much of one I don't know, that the Islamic Brotherhood could rise to the top of the new power structure.

This would leave the United States in quandary. Any action taken against the Brotherhood would not go over well in the Islamic world, not to mention Egypt itself. But the United States has shown that it's not comfortable with Islamist governments, and the American public would likely be alarmed by a hostile regime in Egypt, and this would put pressure on the Administration to do something about the situation. Of course, the Egyptians wouldn't be happy with this, as they're already not very happy with the United States in the first place, given that we've been propping up Mubarak in exchange for his being "on our side."

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