Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Stuff on the Web

Okay, bear with me for a minute.

One of the annoying things about the Internet is that you can always find something that hacks you off. I seem to have spent a pretty good amount of the last four years cataloging things on the World Wide Web that get on my nerves.

So it's cool to find some of the fun and unusual stuff that the Internet has to offer. This outfit called xtranormal has created a site at which you can make your own cartoons. It's nothing super-spectactular, but it is pretty fun, and some people have taken it in some pretty interesting directions. Which is where Ursula Hitler comes in. (I did ask that you bear with me.) "Inside Ursula Hitler's Head," is a funny send up of the old Fox show Herman's Head from back in the 90's. The basic premise is this - there are two people, Mr. Meanie and Sweetie, who live inside of Ursula's mind, and at the same time, inhabit the universe created by the xtranormal software. Craziness ensues. It's actually REALLY funny (well, at least I think so), much funnier than I can make it sound here. (The variations on Jesus H. Christ alone are worth the price of admission.) It's not for everybody, but if the initial episodes strike you as humorous, it's an excellent time-waster on a lazy afternoon.

It sure beats the trolls, griefers and pundits that normally inhabit the web.

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