Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Got a Rock

Am I the only person who was perpetually confused of just what it was that Charlie Brown had done to earn the enmity of all of the adults in his neighborhood? The kids would go out trick-or-treating and poor Charlie Brown would come home with a bag full of stones, even while the other children with him got some pretty good loot.

"I got a popcorn ball!"
"I got a steak dinner!"
"I got 25 shares of Google stock!"
"I got a Gold Eagle!"
"I got a rock..."
Although Charlie Brown's travails did lead one artist to remix his voice saying "I got a rock" over a techno beat. It was pretty cool. But I never got the artists name or the title of the song, and have been searching for it for some time now. So I've had to console myself with repeated viewings of "Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown."

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