Thursday, September 16, 2010

Um... A Black Person Did It?

Just once I'd like to hear a fake kidnap victim claim she had been abducted by a clean-cut blond guy in Dockers.
Susan Paynter (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4 May, 2005)
Bethany Storro, who claimed that "a black woman with a ponytail threw acid in her face" has now recanted her story and is saying that the burns were self-inflicted.

I know that race relations have come a long way in the United States. But I won't believe that we've "made it," until people stop thinking that "blame a phantom black person" is a ticket to credibility for bogus crimes.

(And what's up with invoking one's faith in Christianity when attempting to pull the wool over people's eyes? I can already see the bumper stickers: Who Would Jesus Frame?)

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