Thursday, July 8, 2010

Call Today!

When I first saw these guys with their sign, my first thought was that a labor action was brewing, and so I was curious to see if they were getting much in the way of support. Labor unions aren't the most popular organizations in the world right now. (This, I think, is an interesting facet of American culture - when things really hit the fan, Americans quickly become resentful of people who they perceive - correctly or not - are not hurting as badly as they are.)
Shame on WalgreensBut it turns out that: "We are not urging any worker to refuse to work nor are we urging any supplier to refuse to deliver goods," according to the flier they gave me. The Carpenter's Union is calling on Walgreens to meet local labor standards in the places where it does construction work, which seems reasonable enough. Although I'll doubt they'll get much traction with this current protest campaign, since you wouldn't know what the issue was, or that the Carpenter's Union is calling for people to call the company (from the area code, I'm guessing they have a number for the corporate offices in Deerfield) and demand changes just from seeing the sign.

I also found it interesting that the sign (or the flier, for that matter) doesn't list a website for more information, which I figured would me more or less a requirement these days.

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