Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Looks like my e-mail address has been busy recently. I didn't realize it was going around signing up for stuff, but I guess if you're going to win, you have to play.

Congratulations!!! Your email address has won $500,000.00USD‏
From: Australian Lottery Inc.

Sent: xxx x/xx/10 4:02 PM

Congratulations!!! Your Email Address won the sum of US$500,000.00 in the Australian Lotto conducted through Electronic ballot from email addresses from different companies in the world. fill the form and also send code "xxxxxx" immediately to Mr. Hart Larry at: xxxxxxxxx6@xxxx.com for payment now. or call +xxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss. Lisbon Addisson

Head Publicity
Australian Lottery Inc.
I wonder what my e-mail address will do with the money? I could see it getting into real estate, since prices are now so low. Or maybe just living it up in Vegas for a while. I wonder if it will turn up at a Tea Party rally, having decided that it doesn't want to share any of the half-million with the government?

I hope it will write, but now that it's got some money, I guess my e-mail address will move on with its new life, and forget about me. It's like that, isn't it? Your e-mail address suddenly comes into some money, and forgets all about the little guy that made it was it is today.

But I'm not bitter.

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Adam said...

LOL... Donno what I'll do without my mail-buddy :(