Saturday, November 14, 2009

Be Prepared

Former President George W Bush's last attorney general, Michael Mukasey, said: "The Justice Department claims that our courts are well suited to the task. Based on my experience trying such cases and what I saw as attorney general, they aren't."
New York 9/11 trial ignites row
Perhaps, Mr. Mukasey, if either you, your predecessor, Alberto Gonzales or his predecessor, John Ashcroft, had been more active in laying the groundwork for correctly and appropriately putting terror suspects on trial, our courts would be better suited to the task. Granted, the Attorney General, being a member of the Executive Branch, isn't really responsible for the actions of the Judiciary. But given a Republican majority in Congress that pretty much did any and everything it was told, you really couldn't manage to set up a proper venue for such a trial, in the more than seven years that President Bush was in office after the attacks?

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