Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Season

It's that season again, as Election Day looms right around the corner. As usual, I don't yet know who I plan to vote for. Mainly because despite all I know about the various candidates for this or that local office, I don't seem to know the first thing about they actually plan to do. Yeah, I know they'll clean up government, fight for my values and make everything right with the world - but these are platitudes, not project plans. And I know that the other candidate will waste public money, sell us out to special interests and actively undermine anything resembling good governance - but as we all know, the point behind negative campaigning isn't to help people choose a candidate, but to try and convince people who might vote for the opposition to stay home.

So I feel that I'm awash in information, but that I still don't know enough to make an informed choice. Which makes me glad that elections aren't any more frequent than they are. Voting is too important to take lightly, but, it seems, too inexact to be too feel certain you've got it right.

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