Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nyah, Nyah

The phrase "PLEASE tell me you aren't serious," has become something of an idiom in American English, as it really isn't a request. It's a statement, one that commonly translates into: "I may have, at some time in my life, heard something else as utterly moronic as what you just said, but at this moment, I can't think of what that could possibly be."

Reading on Politico that the Republican National Committee is meeting in special session to vote on a resolution dropping the term "Democratic Party" in favor of “Democrat Socialist Party” triggered just such a response. I even checked everything I could find with the date on it, hoping against hope that the past month or so had all been a rather intricately detailed dream, and that today was actually April Fools' Day. (I understand that Politico may or may not be a reliable source. You don't know how much I'm hoping not.)

As much as I try, it seems that my efforts to actually find something to like about the Republican party (as a whole, as there are individual Republicans that I like) is continuously thwarted by the Republican leadership, which seems to have hit upon a strategy of childish petulance as a means of winning elections. (Hey - If you can come up with a better explanation, I'd LOVE to hear it. Please. I'm begging here.) Perhaps they're hoping that the Supreme Court will find that the franchise should be limited to third-graders or something. I understand the whole idea that a two-party system tends to create diametrically opposed political camps, but this has gone way past absurd, and is heading towards the absolutely sophomoric.

To be fair, this isn't really a first. The seething, frothing hatred that some people were able to generate towards Presidents Clinton and Bush demonstrates that political immaturity is years old, and knows no party affiliation. But this seems to be a new high in lows.

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