Sunday, March 1, 2009

John Q. Seagull

I've been neglecting, as of late, to put any pictures up here, so I decided that I'd drop one in real quick. This is just a simple seagull, taken along Seattle's downtown waterfront one weekend, with the graying sky as a backdrop (there was a fog rolling in). He was just flying along, likely hoping that someone would toss a bit of bread his way, when I snapped this picture of him. While I doubt that it's the best seagull picture you've ever seen, I really kind of like it, for some reason.
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Catnapping said...

When Tom was stationed at Pendleton, I used to bring popcorn to the beach...just to feed the seagulls.

I loved watching them go nuts over food.

One time I ended up giving up a whole bag of cheetos, just because I was having too good a time watching their faces get orange.