Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Note to Bobby Jindal

I can see Mount Rainier from a vantage point less than a mile from my home, and Mount Saint Helens is about one hundred miles away. Given this, I think that monitoring volcanoes isn't exactly a waste of money. And when you consider the fact that ash from the last major eruption of Mount Saint Helens (back in 1980) came down as far away as Oklahoma, I think that there are other people who could see it as useful.

I understand that as a Republican, Jindal has a certain partisan obligation to poke holes in the President's plans, but I don't think that pitting parts of America against the rest of the nation is a good strategy for unity in a crisis.


Archaeopteryx said...

Jindal doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. He's Sarah Palin, with slightly less charm. He's a creationist-enabler and and an amateur exorcist. In other words, he's nuts. If he's the face of the Republican Party, it's time to bring back the Whigs, or the Tories, or the Bull Moose Party or something.

Catnapping said...

From what I understand, there's a volcano in Alaska...a red state...expected to blow. Can the republican party afford to lose more voters?

well...maybe they've decided that the number of liberals living in WA, OR, and CA far outnumber the few living in AK.

Maybe they're hoping for another disaster like Katrina...Maybe they figure GOD will kill a few more liberals for them.**

**if this remark is inappropriate, i apologize. it sounded funny from here.