Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Go me!

NPR's Planet Money Blog is always asking people to send in pictures that illustrate the current state of the economy. When I was in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood last week, I came across a store with big signs in the window that read "UNCLE," so I took a couple of pictures and sent one into them, along with a short write-up. And, surprisingly, they made it into one of the posts for today. Of course, it was all eclipsed by the inauguration, so it's likely that very few people will see it before it drops off the bottom of the Blog's home page.

But still, it's kinda cool to be a journalist for 15 seconds - even if no-one else ever knows.


Catnapping said...

cool. will you upload it here, too?

chilly here in missoula...inversion low...sunny on the hilltops, but cold and grey here on the valley floor.

do you keep a flickr account or maybe one at photobucket?

Aaron said...

I put a few photos that I've taken so far into my Picasa account: http://picasaweb.google.com/aaron.mclin/EconMinus101#. I know that Flickr is much more popular, but every time I do anything that involves signing up for something on Yahoo, my spam count goes through the roof for a month.

Catnapping said...

i just saw it. pretty cool.