Saturday, October 11, 2008

Still Being Stupid About Sex

Okay, because it's been a while, back to sex offenses, and the moronic ways in which we react to them.

Now, police in Ohio have arrested a 15 year old girl on child pornography charges for using her cell phone to take nude pictures of herself, and send them to other people. And here's the kicker: "Authorities were also considering charges for students who received the photos." From another story in the same vein "The Wayne County District Attorney, Richard Healy, [...] did point out that anybody that received those photos, even if they didn't send them along, could be charged for possession as well."

To quote my buddy Ben: "What the fuck?" Okay, let me get this straight. Some random teenage exhibitionist takes naughty photos of themselves with their cell phone, and sends the picture to someone else. Not only are they now possibly on the hook for "juvenile child pornography charges," but so is anyone who receives the photographs? (Personally, were I a defense attorney in such a case, I would file a motion that charges be filed against anyone in the prosecutor's office who viewed the pictures. After all, they had to actively go looking for the pictures.) Why don't we just make everyone in the country sign up for being a sex offender now, and avoid the rush?

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