Sunday, May 4, 2008

We Knew That

When does pointing out an obvious and extreme imbalance of power between two nations become a de-facto threat? Let's face it, the United States COULD "obliterate" Iran. I'm pretty sure that we've got a large enough nuclear arsenal to make the entire country (and most of the surrounding area) uninhabitable for the next twenty million or so years. And while Iran and Iraq fought each other to a standstill throughout most of the 1980's, the United States military crushed the Iraqi army seemingly overnight (in what was jokingly termed by one commentator "Operation Almighty Ass-Kicking"). Of course that might mean letting Iraq free-fall into Chaos...

So now the Democratic candidates are sparring over whether or not bluntly stating what any 12-year-old could tell you is a form of "Cowboy Diplomacy." Yawn.

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