Sunday, March 23, 2008

Now I've Seen Everything

I'd never heard of "Aggravated and Heinous Battery" before. I hadn't even realized that "heinous" was a legal term.

I think I have to agree with The Daily Weekly on this one. Collectively, the perpetrators do add up to "Five Good Arguments for the Death Penalty." Of course, they haven't actually been found guilty of anything yet, so calling for them to hang is somewhat jumping the gun, if I may be allowed the understatement. And treating their eventual convictions as forgone conclusions sort of defeats the purpose of having a legal system, doesn't it?

I have to take my hat off to which poor sods from the the Public Defenders office wind up on this case. They're really going to have their hands full with trying to get the best outcome for their clients. I don't know if Illinois' Death Penalty moratorium is still in effect or not. These guys might just manage to put an end to it. I'm pretty sure the Court of Public Opinion will gladly sign the death warrants.

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