Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend Winters

The first two weekends of this December were marked by an interesting phenomenon - snow in the lowlands around Puget Sound. This, in my experience is somewhat rare, although I've only been here a little more than a decade. Long-timers and natives tell me that there was more snow back in the day.

Being from Chicago, "snow" and "winter" are somewhat synonymous, to the degree that I tend to refer to snowy days as "winter" (as opposed to the Rainy Season, which is a more apt name for Winter in the Seattle area). Hence, snowy Saturdays and Sundays have become "Weekend Winters."

Our first December Weekend Winter was the prelude to the rampant flooding that seemed to submerge half of Western Washington, which made everyone quickly forget what a nice little snowfall it had been. So, a little silliness in memoriam of a rather pleasant Weekend Winter.

Oh... the little Weekend Winter came down to Puget Sound.
Down came the Rain, and washed the Winter out.
Out came the Sun, but couldn't dry the Rain.
And the little Weekend Winter was never seen again.

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